Moon Medicine for the month of October // Sulfur in Quartz

Sulfur in Quartz

As the excitement of summer slows and the winds of autumn roll through, we may begin to feel an inner shift and refocus.  October is asking us to realign, to explore our own core values and stick true to them.  The warmth of summer has us move outward - exploring the world around us, while October is the start of our journey back home to the inner world, the soul and heart.  This transition can be challenging as the fast movement of summer can charm us with it's ways, we may be resistant in letting her go.  But the flows of the earth definitely have their place, and in order to not get burnt out or loose ourselves, autumn must return.

To assist us with these transitions and guide us toward the inner journey once again, we can lean on the incredible beauty of Sulfur.  Sulfur is a stone for realignment.  With her deep and focused ways, she offers an almost instant realignment within.  As soon as we hold her in our hands, she dances her way through our hearts and minds in an effort to refocus us - what are our dreams? What are we here for?  Her mission is to have us walking these paths.  She removes the, often addictive, temptation of negative willfulness. With these changing seasons restlessness can often ensue, which leads us to act from some of our lowest frequencies.  Sulfur allows that to melt away.  Ask this beauty for guidance during the month.  She is only waiting for you.

Sulfur in Quartz is quite the rare mineral.  Most Sulfur in Quartz you see out in the world is actually a variety of Iron.  And Sulfur crystal is quite fragile, melting with heart very easily.  The Sulfur IN Quartz offers us the ability to work with these minerals hands on. 

There are a couple of these clusters up in the shop if you want to experience her magic first hand.

With love,


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