Intuitive Crystal Reading and crystal prescriptions

A deep dive into your own personal process.  These Crystal Readings are about listening - an intuitive approach to healing.

A blend between empowerment and self-responsibility coaching, and intuitive healing, during this session we will connect, discuss where you are at, dive deep into what energetic blocks and discomfort may be coming up for you right now, and what you desire for your future. There may be certain life experiences and events, such as trauma or unhealed wounds, that you may want to share for a deeper look into the belief system patterning waiting to be healed. From there, I will tune in to the crystals to see what stones are wanting to work with you, and you with them. We will end our session by creating a ritual made just for you, to assist with healing negative belief systems and calling in a more aligned reality for you. You will leave our session feeling empowered, realigned, and ready for growth and evolution beyond your wildest imagination!

Your bespoke crystal collection will be shipped to you within the next few days and will be an integral part of your ritual making.

$125 for 60 min (bespoke tumbled and rough stones included) - Zoom Call
$200 for 60 min (bespoke larger palmstones included) - Zoom Call

Expanded Crystal Reading and Crystal Prescription

For a more thorough and extensive session, this offering includes all of the above, but we will dive deeper into the work by using your home as the base for an activated crystal grid. In this session we will discuss placements of certain crystals in various parts of the home to amplify the energies of joy, peace, protection, and abundance in your life. You will receive personal stones to work with in meditation and on your body, as well as larger, more resonant stones, to place throughout your home and create the sanctuary you’ve been craving. Adding stones with intention and consciousness throughout the home can propel your manifestations, your healing, and an awakening to who you truly are.

$400 for 75 min ($275 worth of hand selected crystals for the home included) - Zoom Call
$600 for 75 min ($550 worth of hand selected crystals for the home included) - Zoom Call