Exalted Love Grid


Exalted Love Grid


It is always a practice, to remain open, to keep our hearts full and expanding and shining. But it is a practice worth our devotion. Through every contraction comes a greater invitation to love more. With every heart break we learn the deeper layers of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and most of all, the deeper layers of ourselves. Love fully and deeply - first yourself, and with that, all things.

The Exalted Love Grid
an invitation to Rise to Love with every cell, and every breath.

Your grid will consist of:
Lithium Quartz Cluster - For calming our hearts and soothing our souls
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone - Letting in the Light of the Goddess
2 Pink Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones - For an exploration of compassion and forgiveness
Ruby Fuchsite with Kyanite Tumbled Stone - A grounded heart healing and cleansing
Ruby Fuchsite Palm Stone - For a grounded heart healing and revitalization
Rough Green Kyanite - For clearing and cleansing our emotional heart
Polished Emerald - For compassion of self
Rose Quartz Point - For self love and the realization that we are never alone
Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated - For grounding ourselves in Joy
Malachite Tumbled Stone - For understanding and naming our emotions
Green Moonstone Palm Stone - For an attunement towards the Divine Feminine heart
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone - For exploration of our hearts truest desires
Flower Agate Palm Stone - For celebration of love and creativity
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone - For Self Love, and the release of seperateness
Rhodonite Tumbled Stone - For healing of insecurities and an openness to love
Quartz Seed Crystal - For amplification of love and healing

Please keep in mind that the stones you receive will be different than what is pictured. The color, shape, and size may vary slightly - but the overall resonance of the grid will remain and each stone will be intuitively picked with the keeper in mind.

All Mirror for the Moon crystals undergo a unique cleansing process which can include a deep soak in sea salt water, fresh herb & flower baths, sacred song, rinses in essential oil and flower essence blends, sunlight, and smudging. If you would like more information, please email connect@mirrorforthemoon.com


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