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Mineral Medicine

Mirror for the Moon was birthed out of a deep desire to connect others to the profound grace and magic that lies within.  Minerals hold the great Mysteries of life, as we all do.  Their presence here is to act as ally, guiding us towards a more expansive and nonlinear magic that the modern world seems to neglect.  They are the reminders, the record keepers, the light holders, the song singers.  They choose to work with us, in collaboration, as we maneuver through these seemingly chaotic times. It is my greatest and deepest intention to connect these stones with their destined keepers.  As they offer their hearts to us in service, I offer mine.

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A deep dive into your own personal process.  These Crystal Readings are are about listening - an intuitive approach to healing.  During this session we will connect, discuss where you are at, dive deep into what energetic blocks and discomfort may be coming up for you right now, and what you desire for your future. From there, we will create your own bespoke crystal collection to assist in your growth and evolution.

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